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My exams this year... [May. 17th, 2008|12:07 pm]
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I don't want to distract from anyone doing finals or other scary exams in the next few weeks (they are much more important than anything I'm worrying about here in London town) but I feel I have to say something about my exams that I have for clinical medicine.

On tuesday, I'll be doing an Objective Structured Clinical Exam, wonderfully abbreviated to OSCE and roughly translated to steeplechase style exam of 12 rooms each of which I spend 10 minutes in and I

-talk to actors about their supposed medical problems
-examine actors and students 
-perform junior doctory procedures on manikin arms, skin pads (or groins or arses - (1)) cunningly attached to actors
or explain invasive procedures to people.

There are three things that worry me about this.

The first is the obvious exam stress thing but they are ok and people are telling me not to panic (which I am taking surprisingly well)

The second is that only in this last week prior to them have I started to imagine it as a rather slightly warped take on the crystal maze - this came on particularly this morning when I managed to think of someone making three mistakes on the explaining a barium enema station and the team having to decide whether we wanted to buy them out... (2)

However, by far the most worrying is that in order to practise I have been examing non-existant people at the weekend. I suppose atleast I haven't been using my stethoscope to listen to them as well.

Ah well, I've been advised to think of it as an audition for next year when I actually do some proper medicine (which worryingly involves children and pregnant women as well as the usual grab bag of other people that they let me near...) so hopefully should be alright, I mean, I've never been embarrassed by any other auditions I might have had to do in the past, have I?

Pink oboes not withstanding...

1- much as I would love to show you images you can find them yourself as I suspect they may be considered NSFW or just very, very odd. Try searching for adam rouilly and scroll down when you reach his site...

2 - Unfortunately haven't worked out whether it was with Richard O'Dave or Ed Tudor-Pole and I'm honestly not sure which one of them would have me catheterising a plastic groin for a crystal.
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Last few of weeks. [Nov. 17th, 2006|11:52 pm]
[Current Location |Fens]
[mood |contemplativecontemplative]
[music |Hot Chip - Over and Over (the delights of late night radio)]

Bit of a retrospective this one. Hardly surprising given the title but nevermind.

I had a bad night last night.

I got the most stressed and close to breaking about silly things that I have done in a long time. However, I sit here now looking back over the stuff that has been going on and interested to see how much my mood has changed.

About two weeks ago I was doing so well. I'd set fire to my dressing gown whilst wearing it, I'd got my computer back to full working order after the silly fan bearings dying and felt that with atleast some of my work I was getting somewhere. I was even having a lovely time pottering around being me.

I feel that some of you may have picked up on certain parts of that sentence and ignored others.

You may be confused about me mentioning setting my clothes on fire as a good thing - it was strangely unreal, flame very quickly tracking up my left arm and going round the gown whilst I removed it and tried to stamp it out.  Left me feeling really alive and only somewhat quizzical that my rooms' fire alarm  had not gone off.

Last night was entirely different. No near injury experiences just the pressure of organising too much for myself and others grinding me down.

I feel that I should have been coping the other way - somehow worried about permanently injuring myself but carrying on with the usual stuff with my normal attitude to that sort of nonsense. Not sure I really want to think about that.

There endeth the last introspective thoughts of Mr_Coomber @ 20. As of a couple of hours I'll have completed 21 years of life and existence.

I'll see many of you tomorrow to celebrate that fact and that Saf2285 has nearly managed the same (tho with hopefully fewer gas fire and dressing gown experiences)
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Advertising - this is just silly... [Nov. 1st, 2006|12:45 am]
I'm sure that this is going to be fairly boring but just feel it needs mentioning.

As ever, I didn't come onto LJ to actually post anything - oh good gracious no! - and after the obligatory checking of what is going on in other people's lives whilst I swan around in very surreal hospitals (actually if this posting thing catches on maybe I'll tell the story to you tomorrow) I ended up on my own page.

Now as many of you will have realised there isn't much there. And as you may also have realised I decided that I was going to ever so slightly whore my lj space for advertising to make it easier to upload pictures. This seemed fine at the time but I'm somewhat intrigued about what I'm advertising.

Really I shouldn't be surprised, I know what the programs do - they read my interests and put things linked to that on the page. It' s just the way that the context is never quite right.

So what am I advertising at time of going to print. Hmm, apparently my interest in the night sky (I'd been to cornwall on voles close enough for the beautiful sights to still be imprinted on my mind ok) to be turned into a sky tv advert.

I'm impressed it somehow picked up on the diving and the medicine but worry somewhat that I now advertise recompression chambers on my lj. And to ice the cake I'm advertising the oxford premedicine course. I'm just a little bit in a mood with oxford (it's clinical school anyway) for almost point blank telling me not to bother applying for clinical there but thats all part of the surreal hospitals story for another day.

Still anyway, thanks to me not talking about quackery or pseudoscience atleast I'm not advertising, say, I don't know magnetic bandages (depressingly available on the NHS) or fish oil...

I do hope it only reads my interests...

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